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Important! Interactive Data Display is a new name for Dynamic Data Display.

Our visualization library now lives on GitHub. C# version for WPF is available here and JavaScript version is here.

All information below refers to old unsupported versions of Dynamic Data Display.

Dynamic Data Display 2.0 is a set of Silverlight controls for adding interactive visualization of dynamic data to your Silverlight application. It allows to create line graphs, bubble charts, heat maps and other complex 2D plots which are very common in scientific software. Dynamic Data Display integrates well with Bing Maps control to show data on a geographic map in latitude/longitude coordinates. The controls are compatible with most popular development tools like Expression Blend and Visual Studio. They can also be operated programmatically.

Explore Online samples and tutorials

Download Dynamic Data Display for Silverlight - the downloadable package contains all you need to use Dynamic Data Display controls in your applications including API reference documentation and guidelines for extending the library. The package doesn't contain source code and is licensed under MSR-LA terms.

Althogh D3 home has moved to Microsoft Research, we will use this CodePlex site to discuss and track D3 issues.

Drawing with Dynamic Data Display is easy. One line of C# code to draw simple linegraph:

linegraph.Plot(x,y); // x and y are IEnumerable<double> 

And corresponding XAML snippet:

<d3:Chart BottomTitle="Argument" LeftTitle="Function">
     <d3:LineGraph x:Name="linegraph" Description="Simple linegraph" Stroke="Blue" StrokeThickness="3"/>

DynamicDataDisplay sample charts:

Simple line graph

Bubble chart

Custom markers


Adding a simple graph to your program requires as little as four lines of code in total.

Marker graph is a very flexible chart type. Note that both 'colour' and 'size' properties of a marker are bound to data.

Instead of standard rectangles and circles you may use a drawing of any complexity.

Composite graph

Mapping geo-data

Heat map


This picture is a composition of 3 individual plots: a line graph, a standard marker graph that adds points on the line and a customized marker graph to draw error bars.

Lines and markers can easily be placed on a standard Bing map.

Heat maps can use any palette of user choice.

You can still find the first version of Dynamic Data Display for WPF here.


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