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how to kill the strange point (0,0)

Oct 17, 2011 at 3:20 AM


I use EnumerableDataSource<int> as my xAxis and yAxis datasource and use compositedatasource as my datasource of the chartplotter.

the code goes as following:

       datesDataSource = new EnumerableDataSource<int>(horizontalValue);
      //var datesDataSource = new EnumerableDataSource<int>(horizontalValue);
      var numberOpenDataSource = new EnumerableDataSource<int>(value1);
      var numberClosedDataSource = new EnumerableDataSource<int>(value2);
      datesDataSource.SetXMapping(x => dateAxis.ConvertToDouble(x));// dateAxis.ConvertToDouble(x));
      numberOpenDataSource.SetYMapping(y => y);
      numberClosedDataSource.SetYMapping(y => y);

      CompositeDataSource compositeDataSource1 = new
        CompositeDataSource(datesDataSource, numberOpenDataSource);
      CompositeDataSource compositeDataSource2 = new
        CompositeDataSource(datesDataSource, numberClosedDataSource);

and i initialize the the values for xAxis  and yAxis:

    private void Window1_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        int i = 5;
        for (i = 10; i < 1000; i++)
            horizontalValue[i] = 100;
            value1[i] = value2[i] = i%50;

and finally i plot the graph that i need:

      plot.AddLineGraph(compositeDataSource1, new Pen(Brushes.White, 0), new CirclePointMarker { Size = 4.0, Fill = Brushes.Black }, new PenDescription("my graph"));

but the question is I found that there is a dot in the point (0,0) , and this point does not exist in my datasource, 

how can I remove the stange point ?

thank u!