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WPF DynamicDataDisplay version problems with hiding the legend and using logarithmic scale

Nov 9, 2012 at 1:16 PM


I am using Microsoft's D3 with WPF (not silverlight). I am desperately looking for a version of D3 that would allow ,me to hide the legend. I found several examples online, using older versions of D3. When adding the sources of this version to my solution, I lost other functionality I was using - plotting a graph with logarithmic scales. Another version of D3 that was used in an example of a logarithmic scale did not have "hide legend" implemented yet. Apparently, the examples I've seen used different versions that are mutually exclusive. Moreover, I am not enough savvi with c# to take one version and convert it to the other.

Would you guys please please please help me and provide a solution that uses any (preferably latest) version of D3 for WPF that makes a ChartPlotter with logarithmic scale and is able to hide the legend?


Jan 23, 2013 at 8:09 AM


check this.

plotter.LegendVisibility = Visibility.Hidden;

This should be available even in the latest also. I checked in old version, I checked in d3Futere - few months back I downloaded, in both version this propery is there.

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