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Y Axis and X Axis Min and Max Value

Jan 7, 2010 at 3:56 PM

Hi Team,

I am working on project, in which one of its functionality is graphing. i came across D3 is terrific and amazing for their business. Especially the graph zoom, multiple Y Axis, Axis Navigation, Horizontal Line and Horizontal Range. Everything is design excellent to the best of the Business model. Its show a Fantastic research work. Thanks team.

I also have a query on a very basic feature of any graph. Which is about a Range functionality on a Axis. 

I would like to specify the graph with range value as


Xaxis: Min = 01-01-2010, Max: 06-01-2010,  Step = 1 and Yaxis: Min = 0, Max = 50, Step = 10

Then data co-ordinates could be  (01-01-2010, 15), (02-01-2010, 25) and so on....... but at moment if i am not wrong the range is set by the data co-ordinates received from EnumerableDataSource<>


What i am missing is something like in static without the EnumerableDataSource passed







0           01-01-2010         02-01-2010       03-01-2010     04-01-2010


1. I have download the CHM documentation file and opened it, the links inside the chm are failing.

2. I read various samples of AxisControl and discussions. ( i am missing something ?)

3. I went thru the code, the 'Range' class is made get accessor and no set accessor is available. (Is it because of any design perspective reason ?)

Could you please give me light on how to achieve this in D3 ? Any advise is much appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance,