This page contains screens of DynamicDataDisplay in development.

  • Projects from here are available from Source Code page, latest Changeset, Nightly directory. For example, you can open sln/DynamicDataDisplay.sln from here and run NewMarkersSample project from DevSamples solution folder, or some other project you like.
  • ! Note that source code from Nightly directory is in development now, it may have different bugs and unexpected features. Use it with caution, or wait for the next release, till which bugs will be fixed, I hope.

Linear integral Convolution (LIC) and 3D sections and isolines


Linear Integral Convolution of vector field and streamlines

LIC + Streamlines.PNG

Endless map - no ends in longitude

Endless map.PNG

Colored vector field Line Integral Convolution

Colored vector convolution.PNG

VectorFieldConvolution - 1.png

Color maps and isolines on source containing 43200*21600 points

Gtopo30 - ColorMap.PNG
Gtopo30 - Isolines.PNG

Color maps (early development version)

Color map.PNG
Cropped color map.png

Rotated ellipses (request of user)


Different built-in markers on one page:

Different Built-in markers.PNG

TwoLinesSample with lines in different scales both on one plotter and in one Legend


Live Editable shapes - polylines, polygons and poly-bezier lines - project EditableShapes in Nightly


Pie chart with live editing


Point Set with 1 million filtered points

PointSet with 1 million pts.png

Acceptable ranges markers with grid to edit values on the fly


StockChart with another style of markers:


Candlestick chart

WPF D3 Candlestick Chart.png

Microsoft Virtual Earth map


Mandelbrot fractal


Axis with π as a base

Pi Axis.png

Intensity color map with section


Markers upon the map

Rainfall in USA.png

Bar chart with fill binding

Bar Chart.png

Forest display


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