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Using multiple constraints

Feb 9, 2011 at 2:48 PM

I am using multiple constraints like this:

this.chartPlotter.Viewport.Constraints.Add(new PhysicalProportionsConstraint(1));

this.chartPlotter.Viewport.Constraints.Add(new DomainConstraint(new DataRect(-60, -14, 120, 28)));

However, the initial view of the graph shows me -30 to 30 in x direction and -14 to 14 in y direction. I want to see the whole chart to start, I should see at least -60 to 60 and then due to the physical proportions constraint I would see something larger than -14 to 14 in the y direction. Why is my initial view not -60 to 60? Do I need to set some other property of the chart plotter? Thanks.