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how to force DataSet Viewer to also show map and specific colors

May 2, 2011 at 11:32 AM

Is there any way to

a)force DataSet viewer to display the bing maps along with the "isolines" or the "color map" 

See for example the screeenshot of "tasmax(lon,lat) Style:Isolines"


b) Change the color pallet and the color ranges used ? I tryed using the following code:

Dim Palette As String

Palette = "Palette:White,Green,GreenYellow,Yellow,Orange,OrangeRed,Red,DarkRed"

h.Add(New Viewer.VisualizationHint(mainVariablePseudoName & "(" & lonName & "," & latName & ") Style:Colormap; " & Palette))