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Questions on Chartplotter (FitToView on Horizontal and Vertical Axis, Axis in the middle of ChartPlotter)

Jul 29, 2011 at 4:53 PM

Hi there!

First question:

Is there a possibility to set the vertical range equal to the horizontal range when the Chartplotter is set to FitToView? Background: I have created a phasor class to show some rotating phasors and the according locusts in the ChartPlotter.

Example: I have one phasor which is only changing its angle (rotating), so the according locust would be a circle. If another phasor would be longer on the x-axis, the locust would become elliptic.

Second question:

Is it possible to put the x- and y-axis in the middle of the plotter and not just on the sides?

Sorry I searched a lot and could not find anything on these topics and i'm quite new to C# and WPF... :(

Thanks in advance and greetings!