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Question about logarithmic y-axis

Jan 6, 2014 at 7:09 PM
Sorry to disturb you. I created some WPF application some parameters in-line monitoring. I need have a logarithmic scale on my Y-axis. I created a window with
       plotterForce1.DataTransform = new Log10YTransform();
        VerticalAxis axis = new VerticalAxis
            TicksProvider = new LogarithmNumericTicksProvider(10),
            LabelProvider = new UnroundingLabelProvider(),
        plotterForce1.MainVerticalAxis = axis;
        plotterForce1.AxisGrid.DrawVerticalMinorTicks = true;
        force1Line.Value = 500;
        plotterForce1.Visible = new DataRect(0, 0.01, 100, 4);
But my Y-label is shifted compare to my data. I found what it has my Y-axis has 10 division, insted of 9. How can I fix the issue.

Thank you