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How to: Display logarithmic scale Y axis

Oct 21, 2014 at 10:22 AM

I'm lookig for some guidance on how to make a logarithmic y axis. I tried to use following code:
        plotter.DataTransform = new Log10YTransform();
        VerticalAxis axis = new VerticalAxis
            TicksProvider = new LogarithmNumericTicksProvider(10),
            LabelProvider = new UnroundingLabelProvider()
        plotter.MainVerticalAxis = axis;

        plotter.AxisGrid.DrawVerticalMinorTicks = true;
which I found in one of the discussions. But it seems, that there is not Log10YTransform class as well as LogarithmNumericTicksProvider and UnroundingLabelProvider classes.

I greatly appreciate any points you can give on how to implement this enhancement.

Volodymyr Handziuk