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What platform do I need to use D3?

Sep 18, 2009 at 9:54 PM

Now for a real "newbie" question ...
I was looking for a data visualization tool, and came upon your home page  It looks like exactly what I am looking for.  However, my "native" programming language is Python or when necessary Visual Basic 6.  (Yeah, I know -- dark ages programming ... ;)  Anyway, I got myself a copy of Visual C# 2008 Express and tried compiling your source by double-clicking DynamicDataDisplay.Silverlight.sln.  The result was:

The project file 'C:..DynamicDataDisplaySilverlight.csproj' cannot be opened.  The project type is not supported by this installation.

When I closed that window, I got several more, like

Solution folders are not supported in this version of the application.  Solution folder 'Samples' will be displayed as unavailable.

I assume this means Micro$oft wants to get some money before it lets me try out your programs, but I would appreciate having this confirmed, before I put up the $ for a non-Express version of Visual Studio and then learn that the problem is somewhere else...

For other newbies that may be reading this thread, there is another, closely related question that I would like to ask.  
Someone working with the Hard Rock Memorabilia demo, has described compiling its C-sharp source without Visual Studio.  His remarks are here: where he says in the third paragraph: I used Notepad++ as my editor since I do not have access to Visual Studio.  If he does not have Visual Studio, how does he compile the C# source he edits?

Thanks for your help!

Sep 19, 2009 at 12:14 AM


You shouldn't have any problem using Visual C# 2008 Express.

However, I don't think you want the silverlight version. Go to and download
Application DynamicDataDisplay v0.3 Binaries & Samples .

Then in the folder downloaded, go to samples -> v0.2 and have a look to the basic samples (HelloWord...).

Also you can have a look to the DynamicDataDisplay's wiki : .






Sep 19, 2009 at 2:20 AM

Thanks for the suggestion.  I appreciate the opportunity to see the demos run, but I am interested in access to the source.

I downloaded the v0.3 source, and tried compiling it.  While I did not get the first message, the subsequent one was the same:

Solution folders are not supported in this version of the application.  Solution folder 'Samples' will be displayed as unavailable.

That message was then repeated for 'Solution Items'.

Furthermore, it reported that The DynamicDataDisplay.Maps project file has been customized and could present a security risk ...


I repeat: What is needed to actually compile your source?

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Thanks for your quick response.

Sep 20, 2009 at 7:57 PM


Kamel is right, though Visual C# 2008 Express Edition has less features than other editions of Visual Studio, as it is free, but nevertheless you are able to compile D3's sources using this IDE. I have specially downloaded and installed it and checked this.

You can simply ignore these warnings.

DynamicDataDisplay.Maps contains custom build action for building pixel shader that implements mercator transform for tiles of maps. There is no security risk in this project, though IDE reports about this.


Also, you should decide, what platform you are interested in - WPF or Silverlight, as the first is a desktop applications technology, and the second is for web applications.

I have not tested if Silverlight version of our project can be compiled in Visual C# 2008 Express Edition.


.NET itself also contains everything that is necessary to build .NET projects - there is a msbuild and C# console compiler, of which I'm not well informed but which which are capable of compiling everything that Visual Studio can build.

Also you can give a try to other freeware C# IDEs - for example, SharpDevelop - I have not tested it in building D3's sources, too, but maybe it will work.


Best regards,


Sep 21, 2009 at 3:57 AM

Your detailed response is very helpful!  I assumed that since certain folders were not included, it would not compile.  I will go back and try it.  Your suggestions for alternatives are also very helpful.  I am downloading the required files (1.5 GB!) for SharpDevelop and will try it.  I have also found MSBuild.exe and csc.exe on my computer, now that you have alerted me to their existence.  Frankly, I am more familiar with building complex projects at the command line in Linux than I am in Windows.  I will try both, and report back on what I can make work, for your other readers.

My objective is the Silverlight side.  I am working with a legacy Visual Basic program and have been asked to try to web-enable it.  However, my first objective is to find sample code using dotNET that I can compile!  It has become clear that I will need to learn C-sharp to analyze interesting applications, such as D3, SLIdentity and Hot Rock Memorabilia.

It is interesting how far I have had to "travel" to learn more about coding methods developed in the U.S.!

Thanks very much, or

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