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Real Time Chart With "fixed Now" TimeSpanAxis

Nov 27, 2009 at 4:57 PM

Hi everybody,

How could i do a real time chart?

I have a source with data from past to future, and i would like to have just a small window in time, like 3 hours before now and 3 hours after now. Until here i've done, but the problem is the display...

How could i, instead show the date time axis that data(datetime,value) are associate, show it in a fixed now timespanaxis, like this -2H -1H NOW +1H ...

I've tried to create two X axis, one datetimeaxis and the other timespanaxis. With the next features: datetimeaxis collapsed (to don't appear), dispatchertimer to cicle, plotter.Viewport.Visible to change the window in time, but this break with a outofboundsexception in timeperiodticksprovider ticks.Add(tick); , if i remove the timespanaxis it go on correctly... :(

1 - Is it possible?

2 - If yes, any sugestions?

3 - If any, thanks. :D